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November 26, 2013  

Ep 55 - Andrew Lisa

Flappers regular and NJ Native, Andrew Lisa, joins the Highway Diary podcast.  This podcast gets real Jersey real fast. 

Andrew talks about getting stage time in LA vs NY. Andrew talks about working as a caterer for Goldman Sachs executives. 

Andrew and Eric talk about the struggles of being comics in LA, and trying to claw their way to the top in a highly competitive environment. 

News stories: Priest performs Gay exorcism. 

Is the internet breaking kids brains, and making them ADD? 

Eric reads off a bunch of psychological studies. Fun is had. Check it out! 

Features a clip from my sketch group "Collarsup"




November 19, 2013  

Ep 54 - Calder Holbrook

Calder talks about his participation in the Toast-Masters club, and his numerous speech awards. 

We talk about the depravity of the internet. We discuss a news item about a dolphin at a zoo that had sex with a half a fish body. 

Eric has made his own niche conspiracy rabbit hole, now believing that Scientology's aliens are in Kahoots with David Icke's lizard men. 

A court case rages between a psychic who gambled $115 thousand of a client's money away. Calder defends her in an impromptu legal battle. 

Eric talks about his dog used to have sex with his bed. 



November 12, 2013  

Ep 53 - Daniele Bolelli - 2nd Appearance

Author , College Professor, Martial Arts Practitioner Daniele Bolelli joins the Highway Diary podcast for the 2nd time. He's also a regular on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and has his own podcast, the Drunken Taoist Podcast. 

We start the podcast talking about how profoundly the internet has been changing our culture. 

All the many departments Daniele Bolelli has taught in. Daniele talks about being a well-rounded scholar. Daniele drops serious knowledge about Mt. Rushmore. The actual history of the monument represents, "Imperialism."  

Daniele takes some jabs at his fellow professors who tent to relish in their positions of power too well.  

Daniele and Eric talk about the system of money we live in, and how to navigate it as a respectful individual. 

Daniele talks about doing DMT with Duncan Trussell. 



November 5, 2013  

Ep 52 - Brett Smith

Filmmaker / grad student / Utah-native Brett Smith joins the Highway Diary podcast. We talk about his controversial film about Steven Jones, a chemistry and physics professor, who's research of 9/11 got him fired. 

Brett Smith talks about how he wasn't upset after someone from the internet posted his film to youtube. He talks about how he just wanted to get it out. Even though you can also order a DVD for $15. 

We listen to clips of Hypothesis. As Eric and Brett discuss the film. The film's bad-guy in the film is an ex-military contractor who threatens Steven Jones, and tries to persuade him to research other, more well-funded, projects. 

Brett Smith was raised a Mormon, and Eric grills him on it. 

We also hear from @LeeCamp about how the CIA was found liable for MLK's assassination. 

There's tons of clips, it's an audio documentary about Brett Smith, and The Man holding us down.  

Look out for the music conspiracy montage breakdown @ 25:36.