Ep 52 - Brett Smith


Filmmaker / grad student / Utah-native Brett Smith joins the Highway Diary podcast. We talk about his controversial film about Steven Jones, a chemistry and physics professor, who's research of 9/11 got him fired. 

Brett Smith talks about how he wasn't upset after someone from the internet posted his film to youtube. He talks about how he just wanted to get it out. Even though you can also order a DVD for $15. 

We listen to clips of Hypothesis. As Eric and Brett discuss the film. The film's bad-guy in the film is an ex-military contractor who threatens Steven Jones, and tries to persuade him to research other, more well-funded, projects. 

Brett Smith was raised a Mormon, and Eric grills him on it. 

We also hear from @LeeCamp about how the CIA was found liable for MLK's assassination. 

There's tons of clips, it's an audio documentary about Brett Smith, and The Man holding us down.  

Look out for the music conspiracy montage breakdown @ 25:36.