Ep 53 - Daniele Bolelli - 2nd Appearance


Author , College Professor, Martial Arts Practitioner Daniele Bolelli joins the Highway Diary podcast for the 2nd time. He's also a regular on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and has his own podcast, the Drunken Taoist Podcast. 

We start the podcast talking about how profoundly the internet has been changing our culture. 

All the many departments Daniele Bolelli has taught in. Daniele talks about being a well-rounded scholar. Daniele drops serious knowledge about Mt. Rushmore. The actual history of the monument represents, "Imperialism."  

Daniele takes some jabs at his fellow professors who tent to relish in their positions of power too well.  

Daniele and Eric talk about the system of money we live in, and how to navigate it as a respectful individual. 

Daniele talks about doing DMT with Duncan Trussell.