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July 30, 2013  

Ep 38 - Jake Kroeger

Jake Kroeger joins the podcast. Jake is a stand-up comedian, Founder of TheComedyBureau.com and a contributor to Nerdist.com.


Jake talks about how Chris Hardwick has turned the nerdist.com into an international brand.

Jake talks about hosting the, "This Better Be Funny Podcast" and how his co-host Jeremy is a sexual deviant, who feequents orgies.

Eric breaks out a news story - NSA can target cell phones for drone strikes.

Eric and Jake explore an elementary school in Chinatown, then feel weird and leave. they get angry talking about how all men are portrayed as molesters. Eric comes up with a character called Shawn, "The likable rapist."

Next news story - Allentown women passes out in car from huffing computer duster spray.

Eric and Jake talk about motorcyclists who shit anywhere they can. Eric wonders if anyone shits while riding a motorcycle, like horses who shit while walking.

Eric plays a mysterious clip of testimony from a person who claims to be the son of Anton Lavey, and how his father castrated him in a satanic ceremony in front of George HW Bush.

More controversy. I had a technical issue, when the SD card got full of Jake's story about how the gay porn in his car, wasn't his.

This is a very strange episode, mix of comedy and conspiracy. It's recommended that you stick a thumb in your butt, to maintain a constant heart-rate, it's going to be a bumpy ride on this stretch of Highway Diary.

Check out Jake do stand up @ Flappers August 1st @ 7:30. Get Tix Here:


The Comedy Bureau Open Mic Map


Jake's Podcast This Better Be Funny Podcast



James Clapper - NSA Director Lied to Congress


John Lennon - Watch the Wheels go Round


Son of Anton Lavey talks about Satanism in American Politics (explosive claims)


July 23, 2013  

Ep 37 - Steven Briggs

Headlining comedian Steven Briggs stops by Highway Diary Podcast.

We talk about Steven dating Chris Angel's ex-girlfriend. Drawing dicks on a drunk heckler's face.

Eric explains that black people love his last name, and Steven's beatboxing.

Bain capitol's evil rigging of voting machines. George Bush is now into painting tasteful nudes of himself.

We talk aliens… as usual. Mega podcast, check it out!


Donate to Cedars Sinai - Part of $1 - Blowjobs for Child's Health Program



Photo's Of Creepy Russian Corpses Dressed as Teddy Bears


Steven Briggs


July 16, 2013  

Ep 36 - Whitmer Thomas

Power Violence founding member Whit Thomas joins the podcast.

He talks about living with his Power Violence crew, how they got started. Whit also lives with the power violence crew, but how it's a pain in the ass.

Eric talks about how he got fired from Nashville Confidential, but is going to try working as a story person on reality shows. Whit talks about loving his job delivering groceries.

Whit talks about the life changing influence from Jim Carrey, and the time Whit had a conversation with his idol.

We talk about Scientology. Obama's gay lover.

How the ultra aggressive promotional tactics of a local representative stopped Eric from voting.

Eric got out of playing strip poker with far girls by texting a friend, and telling him to come in the room, and announce that my dad got in a car accident.

The show ends with some weird improv.

The show bounces around, there's no rules. Tons of clips.

Theme song: Same Love  (Mackemore Fea. Mary Lambert)



Whitmer Thomas


Power Violence - Tumblr


Youtube vídeos featured in the Episode:

PowerViolence: Smooth Selling


Theatre of the Deranged II [Official Trailer] (2014) [HD]




Funniest Stand up Comedy Ever by Jim Carrey


Liar Liar Bathroom Scene


Cold Dead Hand with Jim Carrey


Bonnie Tyler - I Need a Hero (Lyrics)


Tom Cruise Scientology Video - ( Original UNCUT )


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee W/ Sarah Silverman


Barack Obama -- Larry Sinclair Press conference Pt 1


Power Violence Presents Gleaming the Tube: Budd Drops-In


Network - "I'm as mad as hell" speech [english subtitles]


The real truth about Xenu and "touch assists" as told by L Ron Hubbard


Power Violence In Action:


Whitmer Thomas


July 9, 2013  

Ep 35 - James Cullen Bressack

Indy Horror Director / Writer / Producer James Cullen Bressack joins the Highway Diary Podcast.

On an Arrested Development bing-watching hangover, James talks about his love for Netflix.

The 21 year old talks about how he wrote My Pure Joy, and made that movie instead of going to film school.

James talks about assembling 70,000 twitter followers during his rave party promoting days at 15 yrs old. He also used his Rave promotion company to title his first movie to get his Rave party fans to buy his first horror movie.

James talks about his film Hate Crime winning awards at Polygrind in Las Vegas.

Eric gives another official report from trying to get a hand-job at a 2nd massage parlor.

They also talk about the upcoming feature film Theater of the Deranged II Coming out February 2013.

James talks about how everyone has been asking him about the lady boys in Thailand.

Eric and James talk about their internet porn habits, and how they've both ruined their family computer.

This episode features tons of clips from youtube.



Get James Cullen Bressack's Catalogue of movies here:


Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)




July 2, 2013  

Ep 34 - Chet Wild

Highway Diary drives under a bridge to get Chet Wild.

He's given a vitamin water, and immediately starts to question the syrup to sweeten it.

We talk about Chet's podcast. The Dunk Tank Podcast.

We talk about Chet's Masters Degree in Creativity.

Chet and Eric gush about The Amazing Jonathan, and how his chaotic stage persona, had a big influence on us as comics.

Chet talks about his tough financial situation, and how he's looking for a job. Eric then brags about his new job, that he loves.

Chet then explains what it's like to headline a show. He looks Jewish in suspenders.

Eric graphically teaches his audience how though internet porn, and joints, you can brainwash/mind control yourself to do anything.

One of the weirdest Episodes yet!

Use the amazon link!!

website: www.chetwild.com twitter: @chetwild podcast: The Dunk Tank - www.dunktankpodcast.com

Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)