Ep 38 - Jake Kroeger


Jake Kroeger joins the podcast. Jake is a stand-up comedian, Founder of TheComedyBureau.com and a contributor to Nerdist.com.


Jake talks about how Chris Hardwick has turned the nerdist.com into an international brand.

Jake talks about hosting the, "This Better Be Funny Podcast" and how his co-host Jeremy is a sexual deviant, who feequents orgies.

Eric breaks out a news story - NSA can target cell phones for drone strikes.

Eric and Jake explore an elementary school in Chinatown, then feel weird and leave. they get angry talking about how all men are portrayed as molesters. Eric comes up with a character called Shawn, "The likable rapist."

Next news story - Allentown women passes out in car from huffing computer duster spray.

Eric and Jake talk about motorcyclists who shit anywhere they can. Eric wonders if anyone shits while riding a motorcycle, like horses who shit while walking.

Eric plays a mysterious clip of testimony from a person who claims to be the son of Anton Lavey, and how his father castrated him in a satanic ceremony in front of George HW Bush.

More controversy. I had a technical issue, when the SD card got full of Jake's story about how the gay porn in his car, wasn't his.

This is a very strange episode, mix of comedy and conspiracy. It's recommended that you stick a thumb in your butt, to maintain a constant heart-rate, it's going to be a bumpy ride on this stretch of Highway Diary.

Check out Jake do stand up @ Flappers August 1st @ 7:30. Get Tix Here:


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James Clapper - NSA Director Lied to Congress


John Lennon - Watch the Wheels go Round


Son of Anton Lavey talks about Satanism in American Politics (explosive claims)