Ep 34 - Chet Wild


Highway Diary drives under a bridge to get Chet Wild.

He's given a vitamin water, and immediately starts to question the syrup to sweeten it.

We talk about Chet's podcast. The Dunk Tank Podcast.

We talk about Chet's Masters Degree in Creativity.

Chet and Eric gush about The Amazing Jonathan, and how his chaotic stage persona, had a big influence on us as comics.

Chet talks about his tough financial situation, and how he's looking for a job. Eric then brags about his new job, that he loves.

Chet then explains what it's like to headline a show. He looks Jewish in suspenders.

Eric graphically teaches his audience how though internet porn, and joints, you can brainwash/mind control yourself to do anything.

One of the weirdest Episodes yet!

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website: www.chetwild.com twitter: @chetwild podcast: The Dunk Tank - www.dunktankpodcast.com

Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)