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June 24, 2014  

Ep 84 - Jackie Kashian

International headlining comedian, Jackie Kashian joins the Highway Diary podcast. She talks about her mission to apologize to everyone she's rude to. 

We talk about playing for the troops. And her father's survival skills of running from international conflicts, and armed combat. 

Eric talks about his love of improv, and how it's his religion. 

Jackie's new favorite iPhone game that made her miss work. 




June 17, 2014  

Ep 83- Rev. Kevin Annett

In the most explosive episode of Highway Diary yet, I have a conversation with activist Rev. Kevin Annett. Kevin is currently preparing evidence in his 2nd Common Law Court decision, accusing the Catholic Church, and the crown of England, and other royal families in child sacrifice, and crimes against humanity. Rev. Kevin Annett credits his first common law court proceedings for the resignation of Pope Joseph Ratzinger while in office. 

We talk about Kevin's background as a minister for the United Church of Canada, and after losing his wife and his job in the first year, he was transformed into a relentless activist. 

I also ask Kevin about accusations from Karen Hudes, and Benjamin Fulford that he is a Jesuit agent. 

Let's see how far we can go down the rabbit hole. 




Podd Socks - Aussie Podcast 


International PLUG: 

Podd Socks - Aussie Podcast 


June 10, 2014  

Ep 82 - Jeff May

Jeff and I talk about leaving his teaching job in MA, to become a comedian in Los Angeles. 

Eric talks about his first boner at school. 

Eric talks about DARPA’s HAARP program getting shut down. Some say it was used for weather modification. 

Jeff talks about walking in on a topless girl scout, as a teacher. 






June 3, 2014  

Ep 81 - Aaron Marsh

The episode starts with a new segment, “Eric yells at the Secretary of Defense, new and old.” 

Then the episode with Aaron Marsh. He talks about working at Flappers. Being a mormon. 

We talk about Rev. Kevin Annett, who is suing the Popes and Queen Elizabeth for child rape accusations. Aaron likes to youtube about kittens and puppies. 

Then we talk about our comedic influences.