Ep 83- Rev. Kevin Annett


In the most explosive episode of Highway Diary yet, I have a conversation with activist Rev. Kevin Annett. Kevin is currently preparing evidence in his 2nd Common Law Court decision, accusing the Catholic Church, and the crown of England, and other royal families in child sacrifice, and crimes against humanity. Rev. Kevin Annett credits his first common law court proceedings for the resignation of Pope Joseph Ratzinger while in office. 

We talk about Kevin's background as a minister for the United Church of Canada, and after losing his wife and his job in the first year, he was transformed into a relentless activist. 

I also ask Kevin about accusations from Karen Hudes, and Benjamin Fulford that he is a Jesuit agent. 

Let's see how far we can go down the rabbit hole. 




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Podd Socks - Aussie Podcast