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December 31, 2013  

Ep 60 - Will Nunziata

Co-member of www.collarsup.com and Mio energy spokesman Will Nunziata joins the Highway Diary Podcast. 

Eric reminds Will of the film Man VS Roommate, where Will accidentally punched Eric in the face during the filming. They talk about high school fights. 

Will talks about his cushy job answering phones at a law firm. 

We talk about Will's blog A Public Flogging. Willzone @ Tumbler. 

Eric fills Will in on some past episodes, and tries to explain his favorite eps.  

Will talks about his improv troupe called, "C Monster" that regularly performs at the PIT. 

We then talk news stories, the NSA watching you beat off to internet porn. 


Will just came from a five year anniversary party of his friend and roommate Grant passing away. 


December 24, 2013  

Ep 59 - Jeff Reeves

Jeff and Eric open the podcast bragging about their skiing ability. How they went off ramps, and caught sweet air. 

Then the conversation turns towards Jeff's potential job offer, that would take him off to London, England for filming. Eric and Jeff talk about ways to turn an audience with the Queen, into getting the ultimate sugar mama. 

Eric talks about seeing British people on a boat with claw hands, and wonders if they were inbred. 

While driving, they almost run over someone's bumper, which had fallen off, and was on the road. 

Jeff talks about Christmas shopping as an Uncle. 

Eric talks about seeing a tranny in a donut shop in Hollywood get in a fight with the Korean store owner. 


December 17, 2013  

Ep 58 - Jeff Reeves

Eric and Jeff record this episode on their way to skiing at Moutain High. They leave the 75 degree valley, and drive 90 minutes to a snowy wonderland. 

Jeff talks about getting dressed to see Steel Panther at the House of Blues on the Sunset strip. 

Scramble porn of our youth, vs youporn today. 

We talk about winning the lottery. Then go Skiing. Fun episode. 

News stories:

Lawyer defending the catholic church reads creepy bible quote. 

Man caught masterbating in Wal-Mart Parking Lot

G20 Leaders Get Spammed, when trying to click for Nude French First Lady Pics

Satanists wants Monument in Oklahoma


December 10, 2013  

Ep 57 - Stephen Ji *Remastered*

Stephen talks about how his father, who is a theoretical physics professor, in North Carolina has trouble baking a pizza for himself. Eric explains that Stephen's genius comes out in his incredible poker skills.  

We may or may mot discuss a poker academy in Van Nuys, with illegal games in the back. 

The episode was remastered as of 2/10/2014, to add new things.

We listen to a youtube video of a herd getting a lightsaber. 

We play poker. Stephen was on a jury for an assault charge. 

Stephen is working on a team called, Catspy. 


December 4, 2013  

Ep 56 - Alex Mandelberg

Eric and Alex talk about meeting at the Comedy Store, and performing for a rough crowd. 

The conversation turns to a Vice Documentary about Northern Columbian boys who routinely fuck donkeys to practice sex before attempting sex with a woman. 

Alex talks about growing up in a show-business family, and how he always wanted to be a comedian. 

We talk about social networking. Getting your stuff out there. 

Alex's Podcast on the Riffopolis Network The Cold War of Sports. 

Alex talks about being a child actor. 

News Headlines:

 Women's hoop teams lure fans with bacon, beer

Drone tries to sneak contraband into Georgia prison

Two men arrested over Walmart parking space stabbing

Want To Buy A Shrunken Head? Now You Can

Tasha Adams Allegedly Breastfed While Drinking, Server Who Told Cops, Jackie Conners, Fired