Ep 56 - Alex Mandelberg


Eric and Alex talk about meeting at the Comedy Store, and performing for a rough crowd. 

The conversation turns to a Vice Documentary about Northern Columbian boys who routinely fuck donkeys to practice sex before attempting sex with a woman. 

Alex talks about growing up in a show-business family, and how he always wanted to be a comedian. 

We talk about social networking. Getting your stuff out there. 

Alex's Podcast on the Riffopolis Network The Cold War of Sports. 

Alex talks about being a child actor. 

News Headlines:

 Women's hoop teams lure fans with bacon, beer

Drone tries to sneak contraband into Georgia prison

Two men arrested over Walmart parking space stabbing

Want To Buy A Shrunken Head? Now You Can

Tasha Adams Allegedly Breastfed While Drinking, Server Who Told Cops, Jackie Conners, Fired