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September 24, 2013  

Ep 46 - Ron Swallow

Liquid Zoo open mic host Ron Swallow joins the podcast. 

He talks about going to school to get his degree in computer programming. Selling his comic books to get a car. The Japanese comic book called, "Rape Man."

Ron talks about getting mugged by Mexican gangsters twice, and avoiding appearing racist at all times. 

Ron talks about being raised in the religion of, "The Secret."

Ron and Eric talk about their mutual admiration for Liquid Zoo regular Richie theC. 


September 17, 2013  

Ep 45 - Kira Soltanovich

Tonight Show with Jay Leno Correspondant Kira Soltanovich joins the Highway Diary podcast from the well-catered Flappers greenroom. After a few minutes Jimmy Schubert walked in, making sporadic cameos. 

Kira immediately identifies Eric's Jersey accent, and a discussion develops about our nationalities and how they affects our personality. I explain how I'm only 5% Jewish, but it comes out a lot in my personality. Also how I'm German, and I start making anti-Semitic comments. 

Kira talks about her Russian immigrant parents, and their stand-offish / apathetic way of parenting. She recounts how she broke her arm, and her parents were too busy having fun at a party to take her to the hospital. 

The podcast is occasionally interrupted by Jeff, the comic waiter giving us awesome food and drinks all night. 

Kira talks about her hardass acting teacher Dr. Mac. 

Jimmy Shubert guest cameos. 




September 10, 2013  

Ep 44 - Emilio Rossal - 2nd Appearance

Emilio joins the Highway Diary podcast for the 2nd time. We cover a wide range of topics. 

We talk about the NSA wiretapping VS John Wayne VS traffic tickets. 

Eric goes off about Obama and the recent calls for drone military action in Syria. And how Obama is a good-looking guy, who speaks well, and that's why he's the president. This transitions to Eric and Emlio talk about how their standards for the looks of the girls they date are too high. 

Also, Venice beach bums are great looking. Anthony Wiener. 

Anyway, stick with it. This one is hilarious, and interesting! 

Two Girls one Cup! 





September 3, 2013  

Ep 43 - Heidi Lux, Steve Cooper, & Traffic Court

Heidi comes back on the podcast, as we travel to an underground comedy show.   We jump right into some news stories. The first one is about a Romanian Princess was busted in Portland for running a chicken fighting operation out of her house. 

The conversation quickly turns into Eric bragging about Muay Thai Training, and Heidi bragging about Bikram yoga. 

Indonesia has waves of trash. This opens the debate between Eric and Heidi about dumping trash in ocean vs land. 

Heidi talks about how the crowd management at her shows is getting harder and harder to deal with. 

Despite having a GPS, we end up going the wrong way on the freeway, on the way to the underground show. 

Heidi's Improv Group "Sweet Dalai Lama" 



Cooper Talk Podcast 


Steve Cooper - Twitter


Steve Cooper comes on the podcast to talk about his career as a stand-up, radio host, author, ect. 

There's a lot of talk about salt content of different foods, because Steve recently had heart problems, so he's writing a cook-book about how to cook with less salt. 

An ex-Newfeild NJ woman used her own open sores as a biological weapon during a robbery. 

Eric talks about his grade school teacher, who would show off hairy cleavage. 



Heidi Lux

Steve Cooper