Ep 45 - Kira Soltanovich


Tonight Show with Jay Leno Correspondant Kira Soltanovich joins the Highway Diary podcast from the well-catered Flappers greenroom. After a few minutes Jimmy Schubert walked in, making sporadic cameos. 

Kira immediately identifies Eric's Jersey accent, and a discussion develops about our nationalities and how they affects our personality. I explain how I'm only 5% Jewish, but it comes out a lot in my personality. Also how I'm German, and I start making anti-Semitic comments. 

Kira talks about her Russian immigrant parents, and their stand-offish / apathetic way of parenting. She recounts how she broke her arm, and her parents were too busy having fun at a party to take her to the hospital. 

The podcast is occasionally interrupted by Jeff, the comic waiter giving us awesome food and drinks all night. 

Kira talks about her hardass acting teacher Dr. Mac. 

Jimmy Shubert guest cameos.