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August 27, 2013  

Ep 42 - Tom Rhodes

We start the podcast talking about Tom's early days being Comedy Central's first spokesperson. And Tom's  a special for Comedy Central called, "Viva Vietnam."

Tom Rhodes talks about his time in NY, and how he learned how to do 4-5 sets in a night. 

Tom talks about his appearance on Insomniac with Dave Attell.  

Road Warrior is a travel show pilot that Tom is shopping around about traveling comedians,  and how comedy is perceived by different cultures. 

Fried chicken and Elvis. What more do you need to know. Check out this gem of an episode, my incredible conversation with the international headliner of mystery, Tom Rhodes! 



August 20, 2013  

Ep 41 - Duke Fightmaster

OC Local hero comedian Duke Fightmaster joins the Highway Diary Podcast, after a set at the Anchor Bar. 

He talks about his local Kickstarter campaign, to make a feature film, which he is gearing up to shoot. Duke gives a little taste of what the movie is going to be about. 

Duke talks about how his life transitioned from selling mortgages to doing comedy. And how when he was making lots of money selling mortgages, he didn't feel the need to look inward. 

Eric rends an episode description for an episode of Duke's World Podcast, which is written in flowery prose. 

Duke talks about doing too much acid as a teenager, and how that might have contributed to his mental instability. 



August 12, 2013  

Ep 40 - Stephen Ji

We start the podcast talking about the Facebook app Candy-Crush and how it's taken over the mind of Stephen Ji. 

We then move onto Eric again, (Not so Casually) bragging about his Muay Thai training. But the story quickly turns into how he threw up in class. 

Eric turns his attention to institutions that complain on behalf of people. He can't understand paying other people to do your bitching. 

Should Oil Tycoons be discriminated against? 

Mini 30 min ep. 


August 6, 2013  

Ep 39 - Quincy Jones

Legendary LA comic Quincy Jones stops by the Highway Diary podcast for the 2nd time. He talks about how he's trying to reach 1000 sets in 2013.

Eric starts the podcast talking about the artistic integrity around his filthy material.

Eric has a date with a  comic coming up, and he asks Quincy for advice.

The podcast plays a clip of Beyonce talking about Jay Rockafeller, and giving him a shout-out for the reason why she puts both her hands in the air in the shape of a triangle. Quincy argues that she's married to Jay-Z and the record company's name is Rockefeller.

More Scientology talk, kinda a staple feature.

Eric keeps getting texts, because his dog Buddy back home just died.

Lots of conspiracy's and Quincy needs a fridge.


Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)