Ep 39 - Quincy Jones


Legendary LA comic Quincy Jones stops by the Highway Diary podcast for the 2nd time. He talks about how he's trying to reach 1000 sets in 2013.

Eric starts the podcast talking about the artistic integrity around his filthy material.

Eric has a date with a  comic coming up, and he asks Quincy for advice.

The podcast plays a clip of Beyonce talking about Jay Rockafeller, and giving him a shout-out for the reason why she puts both her hands in the air in the shape of a triangle. Quincy argues that she's married to Jay-Z and the record company's name is Rockefeller.

More Scientology talk, kinda a staple feature.

Eric keeps getting texts, because his dog Buddy back home just died.

Lots of conspiracy's and Quincy needs a fridge.


Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)