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July 9, 2013  

Ep 35 - James Cullen Bressack

July 9, 2013

Indy Horror Director / Writer / Producer James Cullen Bressack joins the Highway Diary Podcast.

On an Arrested Development bing-watching hangover, James talks about his love for Netflix.

The 21 year old talks about how he wrote My Pure Joy, and made that movie instead of going to film school.

James talks about assembling 70,000 twitter followers during his rave party promoting days at 15 yrs old. He also used his Rave promotion company to title his first movie to get his Rave party fans to buy his first horror movie.

James talks about his film Hate Crime winning awards at Polygrind in Las Vegas.

Eric gives another official report from trying to get a hand-job at a 2nd massage parlor.

They also talk about the upcoming feature film Theater of the Deranged II Coming out February 2013.

James talks about how everyone has been asking him about the lady boys in Thailand.

Eric and James talk about their internet porn habits, and how they've both ruined their family computer.

This episode features tons of clips from youtube.



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