Highway Diary Ep 123 - Picklescoop!!

Simulcast? What?! We have a very special edition of the Highway Diary podcast. You may have heard this exact same episode when it was called Picklescoop Ep 250. Well, it was also Highway Diary 123. 

Thomas Jones and I talk comedy, starting as teenagers. 

We read an except of my screenplay, "The NSA."

Then we go to Pickle with the news. 

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Highway Diary Ep 122 - Andrew Vaught

My mad-dog MFA bro-star Andrew Vaught joins the HDP. We talk trigger words, glitter, theater companies, and tight vampire pants. 

We play clips of a "Targeted Individuals" hearing from Richmond, CA that Alfred Lambremont Webre sent me. Crazy stuff. Give it a listen. 

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Highway Diary Ep 121 - Robin Carrega

My roommate from France, Robin Carrega joins the Highway Diary podcast. We talk about UNO, Robin's road trip across America. He saw Mormons in Salt Lake City, a zombie lady, homeless people in Los Angeles, and ghost people on route 66. 

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Highway Diary Ep 120 - Omid “EZ” Ezekiel Ramak and Friends

My University of New Orleans brothers Vidal Loiseau and Omid "EZ" Ezekiel Ramak. 

Vidal talks about hanging out at my sisters wedding party. Mohammed swooping up the French girls in a limo, and someone who tried to get with Vidal's girl. 

Mohammed in the limo: 

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Highway Diary Ep 119 - Kyle Smith Feat. Corey Mack

Kyle Smith joins the Highway Diary podcast for the 2nd time. We do comedy at Siberia's "Comic Strip," and Corey Mack pays us a visit. 

Kyle talks about his upcoming move to Texas and his comedy future. 

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Highway Diary Ep 118 - Jon Reaux

My good friend Jon Reaux joins the Highway Diary podcast for the second time. 

We talk about love, comedy, and loss, then we try to chase some booty at some bars. 

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Highway Diary Ep 117 - Thomas Jones and MHOG

The guys from the Metal Hand of God Podcast, Wayne Barras and Adam join the podcast. Thomas Jones and I were booked on their show at a Twist of Lime in Metarie and initiated a podcast exchange. 

We talk about some FB drama that lead up to the show, and how to navigate ego's in the comedy scene. 

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Highway Diary Ep 116 - J Alfred Potter

J Alfred Potter joins the Highway Diary podcast. He talks about Accessible comedy, and his new show at Mags. 

Potter talks about why he's upset about with me and the podcast, and I ask him how I should seek redemption. 

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Highway Diary Ep 115 - Ed Black

Ed Black joins the Highway Diary podcast as he's getting ready to move from New Orleans to Portland. 

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Highway Diary Ep 114 - Cory Williams and Justin Evans

Cory Williams and Justin Evans stop by the Highway Diary podcast. We talk about the growing comedy scene in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 

Cory, after losing a disappointing battle to his buddy Justin, reflects on his performance at the Sunday Roast Battle at the La Nuit. 

We talk about an upcoming show May 3rd, at 8pm The Dollar Box Showroom: 
600 N MAIN ST 
Hattiesburg, Mississippi 

(601) 408-6040

Also, the other Sunday Roast Battle at La Nuit Sunday May 19th and June 22nd at 8:00pm. 

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