Ep 75 - Andrew Duvall

April 15th, 2014

Canadian Star Trek nerd and comedian Andrew Duvall joins the Highway Diary podcast. 

We talk Mayor Rob Ford, and how the city runs without him. 

We talk about the web series, “The Apartment.” And Andrew’s appearance on the SiFi reality show called, Fangasm

Also, the time Andrew met Stan Lee. 



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Ep 74 - Steve Saunders

April 8th, 2014

Comedian / Actor Steve Saunders joins the Highway Diary Podcast. On location in the downtown thai to watch fights in Los Angeles. 

We talk about meeting at the improv collective, “Monkey Butler” and 1/2 the class quitting, because of my ruthless notes. 

How before the fights the buddhist monk tent was full of people. But when the fights started the Monk tent was empty when the fights started. 


Notre Dame Student Broke Into Massage Parlor And Gorges On Hot Pockets: Cops

Couple Doomed to Bad Sex Life Awarded $28K

Britain's Queen, meeting pope, gives him eggs, whiskey, beer

California court revives suit claiming woman frozen alive in morgue

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Ep 73 - Heidi Lux

April 4th, 2014

Comedian Heidi Lux joins the Highway Diary podcast. 

She talks about her internal love affair for prince Harry. Eric is annoyed with the royal family. 

The modern co-ed bathroom at the Youtube studios, leave everyone uncomfortable. 

We talk about Heidi’s alter-ego Trishna, and how she aspires to have a billboard.


Man claims he woke up to find former deputy speaker Nigel Evans raping him

Florida mom arrested after freaking out about inability to change son's AT&T plan

CNN's Headline News channel asks psychic to weigh in on missing plane

Man convicted of biting parents over cat visit

Creep Arrested For McDonald's Bathroom Breach

FL teacher who routinely tweets ‘OBAMA IS A P*SSY’ upset at exclusion from Obama event

Window lurker calls cops over bedroom intimacy

My Plug! 

Here Comes Godot

April 10th & 11th 





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Ep 72 - Ian Longway

March 25th, 2014

Ian Longway joins the highway diary podcast. He talks about his new year resolution to craft it forward. He’s going to make crafts for five people after they respond to his FB post. 

We talk about wiping your ass. We both find out that we wipe between the legs. 

We talk memes about Dustin Hoffman and Anne Hathaway. 

Ian talks about Twinkle Time, a children’s entertaining group.  

Ian’s old dog booster, who drank too much wine one night, and fell in his own shit. 






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Ep 71 - Shaun Lewin

March 18th, 2014

Shaun Lewin joins the highway diary podcast today. Eric and Shaun talk about how obsessively we look at podcast download statistics. 

Shaun hates anyone with an opinion. Eric compares “Enemy’s of the State” with “Suppressive Person.” And Eric confuses Shaun with some conspiracies. 

Shaun Lewin talks about his appearances on “We’re “Alive.” Eric talks about a mutual high school friend. 

Eric recruits Shauns help to solve a gloryhole mystery.  



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Ep 70 - Jimmy Shubert

March 11th, 2014

International headliner Jimmy Shubert talks about growing up in Philly with a detective father. 

He gets fired up about pet therapists, and people on the internet with no social skills. Data mining operations on Facebook. And Jimmy’s belief in secret alien projects in the military. 

Fun episode. Full of laughs and weirdness. 

News Stories: 

Dogie Weed Treats

Man Cofesses to Smuggeling Piranhas

Woman makes $9,000 a month eating in front of a webcam. 

Ancient Aliens in Iraq Museum

Jesus’s image shows up in a Toe Bruise

Brazilian Virginity Auction




Jimmy’s Tour Dates: 



Flappers Comedy Club

Burbank, CA




Flappers Comedy Club

Burbank, CA




Zanies St. Charles

St Charles, IL



Zanies St. Charles

St Charles, IL



Zanies St. Charles

St Charles, IL

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Ep 69 - Craig Rooke

March 4th, 2014

The podcast starts with a full dentist report of Englishman Craig Rooke. How American dentists use injections to fleece their patients out of more money. 

Craig's cameo on the short film Prickle Pants, leads to a discussion about chicks with hairy armpits. 

Craig and Eric talk about Steampunk kids. And Craig's days as a raver. 

Craig talks about becoming a US citizen. His soccer league. Atheism, and same sex couples figureskaing in the Russian olympics.

Check out this awesome conversation with my guest Craig Rooke! 



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Ep 68 - Rick Shapiro

February 25th, 2014

Listen to the real life story of how a drug-addicted male prostitute survived NYC in the 1970's, to become a legendary poet / paid regular at the Comedy Store. 

I had the honor to sit down with Rick, at his local Denny's to record some of the most interesting stories I've ever heard in my life. 

Did you know there was a gay mafia, inside the italian mafia? And they hire hookers for gay italian mob luxury cruises. Rick was hired as one of those hookers. 

This is a story about how a straight guy, turned to gay hustling to survive, and sustain his heroine addiction. 

Please enjoy Ep 68 of Highway Diary with Rick Shapiro!! 



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Ep 67 - Robert Tran

February 18th, 2014

OC Comic, and actor in Pablo Steele, Robert Tran joins the Highway Diary podcast. He talks about his social anxiety. His nervous relationship to comic, Cate Gary. And his love of wrestling. How Robert binge watched 20 Discs of Raw while visiting Cate's family. 

Robert Tran talks about his workplace bathroom protocols. How he's got love OCD. 

Robert talks about how a self-help book changed his life. 

Robert hates skiing, the beach, and he can't ride a bike. 



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Ep 66 - Kevin Anderson

February 11th, 2014

23 year old Kevin Anderson joins the Highway Diary podcast, a year out of college, and on the stand-up circuit. 

We talk about the first time he was on the podcast, with Spanky "The Truth" Miller, and how Kevin didn't really get a word in. 

Kevin talks about making money packing vegan meals to be chipped around America. 

Eric reads old things Kevin has written to Facebook. We talk shaved vaginas, bums asking for money, 

Learn about Obama's shit protocols. Funny episode, check it out! 



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