Highway Diary w/ Eric Hollerbach Ep 228 - Nefertiti Gold

The beautiful and talented Nefertiti Gold joins the Highway Diary podcast, from a gig in the back of a record store, Chamber 43 in Highland Park, NJ.

We talk about love and relationship problems.

Nefertiti's has inspired me, and you'll see why!

It Would've all Been Different








Highway Diary w/ Eric Hollerbach Ep 227 - Eleazar Guzman

Eleazar Guzman joins the podcast to talk about his issues as a producer. His art career, his book-dealer-career, & his comedy career.




Highway Diary w/ Eric Hollerbach Ep 226 - Richard Dweck

Highway Diary welcomes the most underrated comedian in NJ, Richard Dweck. He's a treasure, a genius, and he broke through the matrix into a schizophrenic episode.






Highway Diary w/ Eric Hollerbach Ep 225 - Franco Danger

Franco Danger joins the podcast to talk about Chinese food, his family, and the time he left the car-lot.







Highway Diary Ep 224 - ALEX

Code Name: ALEX joins the Highway Diary podcast, from behind the confines of a non-disclosure. This Airforce Vet has seen the system from the inside.





Highway Diary Ep 223 - Collin Armstrong

Collin Armstrong joins the Highway Diary podcast before his senior year at Rutgers, talking about being a comedian through his clinical depression diagnosis.




Highway Diary Ep 222 - Gordon Baker-Bone


Highway Diary is joined by Gordon Baker-Bone, he reminds us to live your life, before you go on stage.






Highway Diary Ep 221 - Alan Harris & Will Nunziata

Alan Harris & Will Nunziata come on the Highway Diary podcast to talk about Fatherhood. And all hell breaks loose, as an argument about parenting takes over the discussion.

After the dust settles, we talk about the www.CollarsUp.com days.

Also, please visit https://www.harrisfamilyfieldnotes.com/ to stay up to date on the Harris Family Vacations.

Also, Will's podcast God Ween Evan





Highway Diary Ep 220 - Christopher Pouppirt

 One of NYC's most-well-read residents, Christopher Pouppirt, joins the Highway Diary podcast for the 3rd time. We talk about the foolishness of the current financial paradigm. We talk AI, the Evil Cabal, and the Benjamin Fulford Episode. 




Highway Diary Ep 219 - Danny Braff

Danny Braff Joins the Highway Diary podcast, to talk about his appearance on Kill Tony, his background in Magic, and those two community college classes he took in Florida.




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