Highway Diary Ep 113 - Corey Mack

Corey Mack joins the Highway Diary podcast. He talks being in the army and barely missing being deployed in the aftermath of 9/11. He talks about doing comedy in New York City during his last few months of duty, and how this double-life quickly turned into his full time gig. 

After being interrogated in a study room in the Library of UNO, we take a break for some time on the trampoline. We're joined by his wife, Iina Ester, and have a great talk about comedy philosophy, and navigating cliques. 

Here is my day with Corey Mack! Enjoy. 

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Highway Diary Ep 112 - RedBean

Host of Comedy Gumbeaux every Thursday night at the Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans, RedBean joins me for a great episode of the podcast. RedBean talks about his appearance opposite Sylvester Stallone in Grudge Match.  How casting directors are always walking into comedy shows looking for talent. And the importance of social media. 

Redbean's road-dog Carrey Bee joins the podcast, and talks about his second time performing stand-up was at the Saenger Theater to do a half-hour opening for Sinbad. 

Kyle Smith, Lace, and Byron join the podcast as we wait for our sets. Kyle Smith tries to pick up a girl who walks by. 

We wrap the podcast up after the show, again talking about the importance of playing to different crowds, and marketing yourself as a comic. 

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Highway Diary Ep 111 - Thomas Jones (FEAT) Jackie Jenkins Jr

Jackie Jenkins Jr. Introduces this podcast angry about "Extra Mothafucka's" AKA Hobby comics that expect the best stand-up spots, but only do comedy once every 6 months. 

Thomas Jones visits the Highway Diary podcast to talk about his time as the joke theif pariah, and his redemption back to the good graces of the comedy scene. We talk about the metaphysics of comedy, and how it helps people deal with pain. 

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Highway Diary Ep 110 - Byron Broussard

Byron Broussard joins the Highway Diary podcast from the open mic at the All Ways lounge. We have a great talk about Byron's comedy, and the comedy scene in New Orleans. 

We also talk about Byron's job at a group home, his sexuality, and his interest in conspiracies. 

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Highway Diary Ep 109 - Jackie Jenkins Jr.

Omid Ezekiel Ramak "EZ" opens the show. I officially apologize to Jeff McCormick, who I found out is very upset with me over a previous podcast. I talk about how excited I am about the Andrew D. Basiago episode. 

Afterward, Jackie Jenkins Jr. comes onto the podcast to talk about his comedy career and running the open mic at the La Nuit comedy theater. We record in the greenroom over the course of a weekend of shows there. Comedians, and other interesting characters pop in as well. 

Join the party. 

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Highway Diary Ep 108 - Andrew D. Basiago

DARPA time traveler Andrew D. Basiago joins the Highway Diary podcast for a mind-expanding conversation. He describes traveling through time, and teleporting to Mars with Barry Soetoro AKA. Barack Obama. 

We set the record straight about the rift between Andy and longtime friend, Alfred Webre. (You might remember Alfred from Highway Diary Ep. 102) 

We end the podcast talking about Andy’s 2016 presidential campaign.  

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Highway Diary Ep 107 - Kevin Passman

This episode of Highway Diary is on the road. It features my buddy and New Orleans comic, Kevin Passman. We talk about his job on the oil rig, and his love of comedy. 

Follow us as we perform at JP's Hookah Lounge in Lafayette, LA. 

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Highway Diary Ep 106 - Blake Ybarzabal

New Orleans comic Blake Ybarzabal talks about his discharge from the Marines. His experience with botany. His stand-up comedy experiments, where he treats each joke as having hundreds of variables to test, scientifically, starting with his nose ring. 

Eric jokes about wanting a Ukrainian bride, and how to work the system to make that happen for you. 

Very distasteful jokes about the practical uses of Krav Maga. 

Warning! Several bridges between several nations were burned in the making of this episode. 

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Highway Diary Ep 105 - Joshua Meyrowitz

I'm joined by Josh Meyrowitz on this special episode of the Highway Diary podcast. We talk about his love of comedy, and how he got into it. How he's been carving a niche for himself at the Comedy Store. 

We have a follow-up conversation from our debate on episode 104, and leave this episode better friends. We talk about the Ding-Dong show, sticking true to yourself, and navigating the politics of any comedy scene. 

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Highway Diary Ep 104 - The Redaction Special

In this, the most important episode in the history of the Highway Diary podcast, I dig deep into investigating why my last episode with comedian Jeff McCormick was pulled. What my comedy philosophy is, and if I am indeed an abusive podcaster. I talk to a lot of people during this episode, and not all of them agree with me. 

I talk to the host of the SIP podcast, Shaun Lewin; episode 100 guest, my brother, Kevin Hollerbach; New Orleans comic Blake Ybarzabal, who was present during the McCormick recording. I also talk to Los Angeles based comedian, and Comedy Store legend Joshua Meyrowitz that believes my podcast was abusive.  

This is one for the haters. Please enjoy, Episode 104, the Redaction Special. 

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