Highway Diary w/ Eric Hollerbach - Episode 214

Akash Anand joins the Highway Diary podcast a year and a half into standup. This Supply Chain Management Undergrad at Rutgers University, is learning the cruel craft of stand-up. His enthusiasm is contagious. 

We talk about comedy, why he took his shirt off at an open mic, lizard people, and our priorities.








Highway Diary Ep 213 - Alex Nicholas

Highway Diary sits down with Alex Nicholas, host of the Stress Factory open mic.

We talk about deer ticks, lyme disease, ingrown hairs, and love.




Highway Diary Ep 212 - Mike Malkiewicz

North Jersey's best kept secret, Mike Malkiewicz, joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about dating and comedy.




Highway Diary Ep 211 - Brian St. John

Brian St. John is a surly, drunken, North Jersey comedy legend. I catch up with him at a rough open mic at Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ.

Catch Brian St. John on the Pizza Boys Podcast.






Highway Diary Ep 210 - James Robert Wright Kt.

James Robert Wright Kt. again joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about his battles with ANTIFA, a CIA front-organization who claims to operate from a quaint Flophouse HQ in Portland, OR. They're actually funded by billionaire CIA agent, Tom Steyer.

James Robert Wright is no stranger to shadowy agents, having worked for the Dallas Scottish Rite for many years. 





Highway Diary Ep 209 - Tito Cartagena

Tito Cartagena joins the highway diary podcast to talk about the first time a dude sucked his dick. Also, comedy, drugs, and dedicating to the craft. 





Highway Diary Ep 208 - Robin

I meet my old college roommate Robin from France. We talk about Mohammed from Dubai, and get some updates about Robin's new job. 





Highway Diary Ep 207 - Vince Oliver

My brother-in-law Vince Oliver joins the Highway Diary podcast to discuss marijuana legalization in NJ. The key to happiness, and how I messed up the Thanksgiving brine. 

Ask your congressman about the NJ Marijuana Legalization Bill December 17th, 2018. 






Highway Diary Ep 206 - ALEX

Highway Diary catches up with "ALEX" an Airforce vet and trained Chemist. We debate conspiracies. 


Highway Diary Ep 205 - Christopher Pouppirt

Christopher Pouppirt joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about the California Wildfires, how Michelle Obama is a dude, how Joan Rivers was murdered, and his encounter with a Jin spirit. 





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