Highway Diary Ep 210 - James Robert Wright Kt.

James Robert Wright Kt. again joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about his battles with ANTIFA, a CIA front-organization who claims to operate from a quaint Flophouse HQ in Portland, OR. They're actually funded by billionaire CIA agent, Tom Steyer.

James Robert Wright is no stranger to shadowy agents, having worked for the Dallas Scottish Rite for many years. 





Highway Diary Ep 209 - Tito Cartagena

Tito Cartagena joins the highway diary podcast to talk about the first time a dude sucked his dick. Also, comedy, drugs, and dedicating to the craft. 





Highway Diary Ep 208 - Robin

I meet my old college roommate Robin from France. We talk about Mohammed from Dubai, and get some updates about Robin's new job. 





Highway Diary Ep 207 - Vince Oliver

My brother-in-law Vince Oliver joins the Highway Diary podcast to discuss marijuana legalization in NJ. The key to happiness, and how I messed up the Thanksgiving brine. 

Ask your congressman about the NJ Marijuana Legalization Bill December 17th, 2018. 






Highway Diary Ep 206 - ALEX

Highway Diary catches up with "ALEX" an Airforce vet and trained Chemist. We debate conspiracies. 


Highway Diary Ep 205 - Christopher Pouppirt

Christopher Pouppirt joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about the California Wildfires, how Michelle Obama is a dude, how Joan Rivers was murdered, and his encounter with a Jin spirit. 






Highway Diary Ep 204 - Mohammed from Dubai

Highway Diary catches up with everyone's favorite Arab, Mohammed from Dubai.

He tells us about how his separation with his Columbian wife, his time back home, and how he'll be back to the University of New Orleans in 2019. 








Highway Diary Ep 203 - James Robert Wright Kt.

James, is now homeless in Los Angeles. But he still manages to give us some gems about the homeless problem in Los Angeles.  

We discuss the conspiracy of how the new Dallas Cowboy stadium was built after some tornadoes in 2012 cleared the way. 

At the end of the episode James talks about his relationship with an OTO, CIA, and Freemasonry plot to cause a gay sex scandal with the Mormon church. 

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Highway Diary Ep 202 - Schuyler Neal

Schuyler Neal joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about the upcoming stand-up specials we're producing. We've been busy filming stand-up in Los Angeles as we gear up for a tour across America. 

We give some hints as to how to produce a stand-up special. 








Highway Diary Ep 201 - James Robert Wright

James Robert Wright joins the Highway Diary podcast to set the record straight. His cousin is a Meth Head and his other relatives may not be killing each other for inheretence. 




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