Highway Diary Ep 197 - Christopher Pouppirt

Christopher Pouppirt joins the Highway Diary podcast to discuss the revolving door of Presidents and creepy Politicians reading the same script on Syria. 

See me VS Brian McDaniel

Roast Battle Tickets May 22nd





Highway Diary Ep 196 - Grabbing The Ring

In this episode, I pay tribute to my comedy heroes Dave Attell & Norm MacDonald. I study their work as I gear up to film my first 3 comedy specials. 

After this, I call James Robert Wright to get an update on his ongoing situation battling the Illuminati in Dallas. Members of the Illuminati murdered Sherry Ruthford (Miaden name Milam) and took over her house. From this house, the purpetrators assumed possession of the house to run drugs and prostitutes.

Debrah controls the Dallas Police from a MooMoo and a landline at the house she stole from Sherry after her murder.

I call the FBI about this case. Then we talk to James again. 








Highway Diary Ep 195 - Ian Longway

Ian Longway joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about his year with hippies in a weed-growing opperation. We talk about our love of Don Barris, the time I went to Jail, and Ian watering weed fields in the nude.  








Highway Diary Ep 194 - James Robert Wright

James Robert Wright Kt joins the Highway Diary podcast, he shows us some disturbing voicemails from members of the Rockefeller and Rothschild family.  








Highway Diary Ep 193 - CJ Kelley

 CJ Kelley joins the Highway Diary podcast. We talk about Florida, Family & Comedy. 






Highway Diary Ep 192 - Alfred Lambremont Webre

We talk about James Robert Wright, Kevin Annett, Andrew Basiago, Benjamin Fulford and others in a very informative 2 hour long podcast. 

JudgeAnna M VONREITZ on Annett







Highway Diary Ep 191 - Ryan Melofchik

My Highschool buddies Ryan Melofchik and Brett DeRose join the podcast to talk about our misspent youth on trampolines and in the Long Valley, NJ gang Wolfgang Destruction. (WGD)

Things get mad awkward when I call ___ _____ and open a can of 15 year old beef. 







Highway Diary Ep 190 - Kevin Annett

Sometimes in a quest for truth, you are hung up on. In this explosive podcast with Kevin Annett, we start to get a very strange picture of the state of the http://itccs.org movement. 

And when the interview gets tough, Kevin bails for the second time! 

Here's a PDF of our post-podcast conversation: Email Threats

Another Email Threat came in Wednesday February 21st, 2018. 

Threats Reported to Vancouver Crimestoppers Tip Line February 21st, 2018














Highway Diary Ep 189 - Brett Smith

Brett Smith is the filmmaker who brought us Hypothesis. The best 9/11 documentary of our time. 

We talk about Q-Anon, and Brett's new career as a drone camera opperator. 








Highway Diary Ep 188 - Christopher Pouppirt

Wizard of the Collective Unconsious Christopher Pouppirt joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about the Santa Ana fires, Nanobots in our brains, Draco lizards, and cloned politicians. 






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