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Listen in as Eric Hollerbach talks with comedians and conspiracy guru’s in a quest for jokes & knowledge.

Highway Diary w/ Eric Hollerbach Ep 300 - Don Barris & Mary Jane Green

April 25th, 2021

Video Version Available HERE


Don Barris & Mary Jane Green join the Highway Diary podcast to discuss his journey with the Comedy Store. We also talk about Don's time as the ringleader of the Tropicana, a classy establishment that allowed patrons to Mud-or-oil Wrestle with beautiful centerfolds.


We talk about Brody Stevens, agoraphobia, and other mental problems.


Mary Jane drops a hot top ten list, to give girls the confidence they need to look into conspiracies at their local library.


We get a small peak behind the curtain in the life and world of Don Barris.


The show often references his 2013 appearance on Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank.





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Windy City Heat
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