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February 18, 2020  

Highway Diary w/ Eric Hollerbach Ep 245 - Ole Dammegard

February 18, 2020

Ole Dammegard joins the Highway Diary podcast. Ole is the curator of www.LightOnConspiracies.com, and we talk about the cabal behind false-flag events around the world. We talk about the symbolism they use, the companies involved, and the motives behind the terror-inducing events Crisis Solutions LTD produces.

The persistence of shoes & bicycles as symbols in media photographs of massacres.

We talk about the IMF's brainwashed CEO Christine Lagarde, and her bizarre occult speech. We touch on The Las Vegas Massacre, Kobe Bryant's death, which was predicted with perfect hermetic timing on November 16, 2016, the episode of Legends of Chamberlain Heights titled “End of Days”