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February 4, 2014  

Ep 65 - Aristotle Georgeson

February 4, 2014

Stand-up comic, and Cloud Vaporizer salesman Aristotle Georgeson joins the Highway Diary podcast. 

Eric and Aristotle bitch about how Facebook.com is people's propaganda about their great lives. Then Aristotle talks about his awesome trip to Belize, that's all over Facebook. 

Eric reads more things from Aristotle's Facebook page, like an NSA worker. 

Aristotle talks about his project called, Labor Days


Russian Sport of Chess Boxing

Wall Mart Sells Chinese Donkey Meat as Beef

Chinese Zoo Displays Dog as A Lion

Government Agency Smashes Computer's To Cure Viruses

Celebs Who Have Killed

Real Estate Agent Uses Mansion for Sexual Liaisons

Mother / Daughter Sex Team In Bimbo Legal Limbo

Aristotle talks about his oil fantasy. Check it out!!