Ep 63 - Cate Gary


Stand-up Comedian Cate Gary joins the Highway Diary podcast. 

We talks about Cate Gary's stand-up Memes, and how through reddit.com, it's a great way to promote herself as a comic. 

We talk about Cate's wealthy grandfather, who destroyed the water supply of Chico, CA. This leads to a discussion about the actual financial system, and how it's a real-life life-or-death monopoly game that we all have to play. 

We talk about advertisements online hijacking men's ability to make rational decisions by showing hot women in all kinds of advertising. 

We talk about The Power Couples Podcast Cate Gary hosts with her boyfriend Robert Tran. 

 We talk conspiracy's, and drone programs. Hillary Clinton desperately wanting to be president. 

Eric talks about making a reality show. 

We talk power dynamics and politics in relationships. Fun episode. Political and funny.