Ep 33 - Ian Longway Defends Gay Rumors from Facebook & Aliens


Right as the podcast starts, Ian's Facebook status of, "In a domestic partnership." with a guy Matt Destephano is questioned.

They talk about Ian's appearance in the short film Pretty Little Victim.

The topic changes to walruses who masterbate, via autofellacio, and how sailors have pleasured sea-mammals for hundreds of years.

The Seattle man who got raped to death by a horse.

Ian talks about Twinkle Time's Spanish songs, that he has to sing, that he doesn't understand.

Eric talks about his feud with Ian Federgreen, and how he wants to burry the hatchet.

Ian Longway talks about Florida's laws on drugs.

Eric brings up his new job out of no where.

We talk about Paula Dean's racist rant.

Eating boogers can improve your immune system. Ian re-lives a terrible childhood memory.

Some of Eric's stand-up makes it's way onto the podcast, and he got caught with Rod Stewart porn.

Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)



See below Evidence mentioned in the show.

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