Ep 32 - Vegas - W/ Anthony Guerino, Devin Murphy, and Nataliya Berlin


Highway Diary gets back to it's roots with a Vegas road-trip podcast. I was joined by a visiting Anthony Guerino, his girlfriend Nataliya Berlin who flew in from NYC, and wanted to see Vegas. Devin Murphy, was also along for the ride, breaking Stephen Ji's record for most guest appearances.

We talk about our gamboling ambitions, and Anthony explains his all-in approach.

Eric exposes the fact that the Japanese yen is based on girl's panties.

Eric also exposes his controversial idea of selling kids undeware from orphanages to perverts, to pay for their books.

Anthony and Nataliya talk about their strict taco diet in LA.

A taco religion is formed, and the conversation turns to Global warming.

The 2nd part of the episode is us coming home from Las Vegas 14 hrs later.

We also talk in depth about the Rap Promoter Chinga Chang Records, and owner Dan Herman (Formally DMAK, or "Daniel Mackineli"). Devin and Anthony directed a hit music video for him, and Dan Herman still owes them $400.

This is a funny episode. The audio isn't always great, because my crappy car is noisy. Sorry.

First Meal of the Day - Music Video



Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)