Ep 31 - Spanky “The Truth” Miller & Kevin Anderson


Comedians Spanky "The Truth" Miller & Kevin Anderson join the podcast, after a late-night of stand-up comedy at The  Liquid Zoo. We talk about being on the comedy grind, and our passion for stand-up.

Eric talks about his recent date, and how he's always worried about the hairiness of his penis.  Lots of shaving penis talk ensues.

Spanky breaks down his concept behind his stand-up act.  His past as a sex-shop owner.

Spanky talks about his love for the Liquid Zoo, because it's a good place to stay humble and work out jokes.

Eric talks about the Comedy Labritory at Flappers, on Saturday afternoons. We then talk about social media being a full time job as well as write / perform new jokes.

Spanky talks about his love of Baseball, went away when he realized a guitar got him laid. Spanky gets real and explains his previous endeavors inform his comedy.

We talk about Mike Tyson trying comedy at the Comedy Store.

This is a super-show. Enjoy!

Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)






Spanky "The Truth" Miller


Kevin Anderson