Ep 30 - Erik Wargo


Erik and Eric chat about stand-up vs improv. Having a work ethic.

Wargo talks about his job as an exterminator.

Eric and Wargo share their love for podcasts and the evolution of comedy.

Wargo reveals his dreams of being a successful TV Producer/ improviser, with a wife and kids. Eric explains how he's only in comedy for ego-driven attention.

Eric talks about Kenny Hotz as his comedy hero, and how Kenny lived in a garage in Venice for 6 years without any prospects before he got Kenny VS Spenny on the air.

Wargo talks about the emotional peaks and valleys of your emotions as a stand-up.

Eric accuses Wargo of being a hipster. Wargo denies and deflects this line of questioning.

Wargo talks about his alter-ego as Uatu The Watcher, and hosting Geek League at Stages Theater.

Erik Wargo talks about his hipster appearance is only a result of dressing up his genetic's. This starts a long talk on balding, and navigating different treatments.

Erik and Eric talk about different treatments for balding. And different online dating resources.



Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)



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