Ep 29 - Daniele Bolelli


Daniele Bolelli (Drunken Taoist Podcast) talks about being thrust into the world of podcasts after his first appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. All the positive feedback encouraged him to start his own.

Daniele talks about his philosophy of creating your own religion, and how the nature of institutions crushes the passion out of subjects.

Christians who judge other people harshly, despite the fact that Jesus was all about not judging people.

Eric asks Daniele for a religion that he can follow to become a headlining comedian.

We talk about religion as something that puts road-signs in your mind to push you towards positive thoughts.

Eric asks Daniele about free energy technology, and if the powers that control energy would allow it.

Daniele talks about his passion for fighting, and how exposing yourself to opposites is healthy for your well-being.

Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)







I'm closing my eyes in the picture like a dummy, should've taken a safety picture. Damn!