Ep 26 - Quincy Jones & Edward E. Romero


Stand-up Comedian Quincy Jones talks comedy, and his writing process. And how mushrooms have influenced our brains.

Then we talk about fat and ugly people in life and in movies.

Quincy dissects the beef between Eric and Josh Nichols.

Eric talks trigger words on the phone, that make the CIA and NSA listen to your conversation.

Quincy Jones talks about his goal to do 1,000 sets in 2013.



Rock band frontman & Filmmaker Edward E. Romero joins the Highway Diary Podcast.

He talks about his time training army recruits via a massive live-action gun fight simulator. He also fondly remember his massive bachelor pad during that time.

Edward and Eric reminisce about how they met on Season 1 of Shark Tank on ABC.

We learn that if the Jews developed Kkrav Maga earlier, there wouldn't have been a holocaust.

Eric pitches a show based on Meetup.com

We talk about Edward's involvement in directing the first Damien Shadows pilot project. And out mutual appreciation for the DP of Damien Shadows Ted Endres.

Edward starts to talk about his admiration for writer/ philosopher Robert Anton Wilson. The podcast gets deep.

Eric explains that the casting department at Shark Tank hated him.

East Coast vs West Coast mentality. Eric talks about the Monkey Butler class he taught, where half the class quit.

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