Ep 25 - “The Callout” with Jody Barton & Stephen Ji


The podcast starts with a callout. Josh Nichols of the Self Indulgent podcast has been liberally accusing The Eagle of not being funny. I therefore offered to him a "who's funnier challenge."  I envision it as a show featuring a showcase of improv and stand-up comedy, which the audience would vote who's funnier.

Then Eric's roommate Jody Barton again joins the podcast.  Eric discusses the German Spotlight story that didn't work at Flappers. Eric caught his friends dad watching scramble porn in a window, while playing German Spotlight. After hiding behind a bush.

We teach about Spray-painted grills can cause false positives on AIDS tests.

And we talk about Jody's recent run-in with someone who claimed to be in the Van Nuys gang.

We start leaking information about the upcoming feature, Theater of the Deranged II. It's a short film anthology. Eric is hosting the shorts in the movie as Damien Shadows, and Jody Barton is in one of the shorts.

Fan favorite, Stephen Ji joins the show. He talks about his days going from being a bear scout all the way up to an Eagle scout. Stephen explains cooking in tin foil is the main trick you learn as a bear scout. This technique is actually about 85% of the curriculum.

Stephen also explains that good parents make good boy scouts. We talk Catholisism, and Eric corrects the record involving priests he's encountered. When you're on mushrooms, you can become "The Dean." That's how we drop knowledge on Highway Diary. Become a doctor of street smarts, by listening to my podcast.

Stephen and Eric reveal obsessive thinking, possibly due to brain growing pains.

Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)



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