Ep 24 - Heidi Lux


This episode features the lovely and talented Heidi Lux-Gillion (sometimes just Heidi Lux). She's there to promote her appearance on Damien Shadows PI.

The podcast starts with a discussion of taking a husbands name, and where to get pedigree royal blood. To birth a non-retarded kid.

It doesn't take long for Heidi to start dropping some heavy NYU credentials.  And how we met at UCB Lv 1.

Eric talks about his hardships in moving in Los Angeles, and the terrible landlord experiences he's had.

The subject moves onto making offensive material, and how an audience might react. The infamous But-Clit conspiracy is addressed.

Also we discuss the idea that hindsight will always be the less racist perspective.

Heidi talks about her time overhearing Tish Drama, and maybe stalking the man she NYU admired. Lotta NYU dick, followed by a rambling apology for all things by the Eagle.



Damien Shadows PI Ep #1


Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)