Ep 23 My Mom, Stephen Ji on Korea, Calder Holbrook, And The Jimmy Time Podcast Fella’s


Big episode. Many guests. Many segments.

The episode starts with my mom, Mama Love, informing me we could not talk about her state job.

Mama Love starts to bring up how Eric used to look at himself in the mirror trying out funny faces, and talking to himself all through dinner.

Then Mama love starts to give Eric some dating tips.  Then we talk about Mama love experiences in LA.

Mama love sat too close to a racing game in an arcade, and it made her dizzy, and have to go to the bathroom.

Mama love gives her strategies on catching a rich man, that she got from a book. We do some inappropriate role playing after learning about her book-learned seduction skills.

Fan Favorite Stephen Ji returns to the show, to be our Korean Corespondent. We talk Kim Jung Il, and Kim Jung-un, and how they might just be fear puppets of a military industrial complex.

Then I talk to the Jimmy Time Podcast boys. I've assembled the team to see how they are informing themselves in a modern multimedia society.

Then  we learn that Jimmy Time Podcast member German (yes, his name is German. Yes that's unusual.), may be gay. Evidence to try to prove this rumor is presented.

Then we talk about getting ratings, and what it takes to be a comic starting out. And a comic's ability to offend people.

Finally, as a special treat. Calder Holbrook stops by to cap off this episode of Highway fucking Diary.

He talks about Monkey Butler, and his new team called, Mrs. Belvedere.

We talk about Dennis Rodman meeting with Kim Jung Un, and the North Korea Conspiracy continues.

Calder talks about the human street signal system in North Korea.

We then talk tribes of warrior pedophiles and polygraph tests.

Also Calder talks about his role as Wilhelm Skeptisch, as part of the Damien Shadows web series.

This is a super show! Listen in!

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