Ep 22 - Podkward Host Emilio Rossal & Jody Barton’s Bunny


Eric and Emilio talk about coming up as a new comedian at Flappers in Burbank. And we compare different open mics. And proper etiquette  at open mics. Also Flappers open mic host Josh Snyder, not getting laid.

Eric and Emilio talk about how hard it is to make black people laugh. And also avant garde performances VS Comedy. And Tilda Swindon's MOMA run.

Mouse dies from pleasure button VS my brother's girlfriend.

General Petraeus apologizes… not for drone murder, but for an affair.

Eric rants about how Barack Obama isn't a real person, he's a PR guy for the establishment. And The Eagle talks about his love of conspiracy's.

They talk religion, comedian solidarity. More scientology talk.

Emilio talks about starring in the feature film, Bank Roll.

Then my roommate Jody Barton joins Highway Diary to talk about the house bunny. Who was picked up by our roommates, on a whim, and his poo is an issue. Ex's and comedy, then an abrupt end.





Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)