Ep 20 Candy Dinner Podcast - Iffy Nwadiwe & Matt Apple-Doctor


Iffy Nwadiwe and Matt Apple-Doctor from the Candy Dinner Podcast stop by p-cast.  

We discuss horrible open-mic's at the liquid zoo. Iffy's love for playboy magazines. And the Apple-Doctor's recent loss of virginity. The three of us then stage an on-podcast suicide for ratings.

Eric talks about the Candy Dinner Podcast segments where they drive through to get fast food.

Eric explains that he's from New Jersey, and that's why he talks so much shit. It's cultural for him. This starts a discussion about East Coasters VS West Coasters.

Josh Nichols is mentioned, and Eric explains his feud. Apple-Doctor disagrees and loves Josh. Iffy is in the middle. Eric's anti-Josh tirade continues.

Because the podcast is recorded in Eric's car off Hollywood, BLVD, we were often distracted due to beautiful women walking around us.

Was the HAARP Facility used to create Hurricane Sandy. Iffy is highly skeptical of this story, and rants about how people google whatever they want to hear, instead of learning about science.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is mentioned without remembering the name of the bill.

Eric talks about Scientology's Operation Show White, where Scientologists broke into the FBI headquarters and tried to steal the files the FBI had on them.

Apple-Doctor brings up a smear campaign that Scientology used against either Barry Mannalow or Rod Stewart, where they told the press Barry Mannalow had seamen pumped from his stomach, because he said critical of Scientology.

Iffy starts to rant about BET and Kwanzaa.

So much more. Listen in!

Cast: Eric Hollerbach, Matt Apodaca, Ifechukwude Ijeoma Nwadiwe

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