Ep 19 - Devin Murphy & Stephen Ji


Eric and Devin talk about having Liberal Arts degrees, and a man who attained a doctorate in Avant-Guarde art by putting a buttplug up his butt and making a spaghetti poo.

The conversation turns to the upcoming web series "Here Comes Godot," which will be out around January 2014.

In this web series is about struggling actors who put on a production of, "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett.

We ask if the legal system and lawyers are like witchcraft.

We break down the financial problems of Cyprus. We also break down the Queen of England and the Pope.

Eric asks why pedophile priests aren't ritualistically neutered.  It's also brought up that non-neutered pope is having wet-dreams or masterbating.

The new pope has Acknoledged Jews.

We also talk about the future of technology, nano-bots and google glasses. And how people will turn into robots. And how the government is putting money towards the creation of a super-soldier.

The future of surgery will be robot-based. And the illusion of choice in America.

We talk Stephen Ji's birthday at Medieval Times. Eric complains about the incessant horsemanship he had to sit through during the dinner. Stephen doesn't remember most of the evening, because he became sick, and threw up from the alcohol.

Eric talks about the low ratings, and how the one-podcast-per-day  has been a statistical failure.

Eric reveals the fact that he's a dog-puncher, and how he got in an argument with his roommate about punching his dog. Stephen wonders if dog fighting could look more like MMA, and become more legitimate as a sport.

Lots of hookers walk by the car during the recording. A little God talk.

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Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)