Ep 17 - Silver Spring, Maryland - Home


We stopped to see our cousin Kara. Eric remembers the last time he was in Maryland, the car stopped at a bikini car wash.

Tiger balm remembers a time when she first met Kara, and they gave her a makeover, with a short skirt. And went to go to a pool hall to pick up guys, by bending over the pool tables.

We also talk about the filthy state of the car, and how Tiger Balm would be fine with a bikini car was so long as the girls got all the grit off the tires, and rubbed bugs off the car windshield with their boobs.

Eric and Emily break down what it's like to be an Uncle / Aunt.

Emily spots a mysterious truck on the road, that she believes is full of fireworks.

Eric reads an alleged list of crimes.

My cousins Clark and Collin explain their encounters with Hot Steam. They also recall getting nailed with bean-bag chairs.

Collin explains how he wants to live off the land in Alaska. The Eagle explains that getting meat from a carcus, isn't a pleasant process. Especially because Collin is a picky eater.

Hapton Inn, we clean our duvet covers.

Eric also tells a story about farting in a sensory delervation tunnel at the liberty science center, and make other kids crawl through his fart.

Mama love is trying to set Tiger Balm up with a funeral director.

Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)