Ep 16 - Charlotte, NC


Tiger Balm gives a breakdown of illegal activities that definitely did not happen during the road-trip.

Tiger Balm and The Eagle break down Georgia and Alabama, that from the highway it appears to be full of Churches and Waffle-houses. They stop to eat at a waffle house, only to find that it's full of church people.

Emily starts the morning by hot-steaming The Eagle with the use of, "Fart Yoga Maneuvers." And realize that they shouldn't say anymore until Tiger Balm can patent a video series.

Eric also opens up about how the ribs caused a poo-mergency.

Eric talks about how he often hears Tiger Balm fart before he'll register, that a fart has occurred.

We stayed with Emily's old college roommate, just outside Charlotte. They were awesome hosts!

Emily went to Scranton, PA, where NBC's The Office, is located in the show, but actually films in Los Angeles.

The Eagle again shows his distain for deserts, he tells residents of deserts to move.

We went to a Nightclub in Charlette. And the Eagle talks boner dancing, and bathroom drug dealers. Emily's friend Sharon stopped a tranny rape. This is the most controversial episode yet!

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