Ep 15 - Hotlanta, GA


Eric proves that he's not a yuppie by singing the yuppie-proof song, "No Scrubs," by female R&B group TLC. Then Eric proposes a new olympic event where someone poops, and people take bets on exactly what's going to come out. One log? Two logs? How many farts? The betting line?

Tiger Balm explains why girls should't give eye contact to guys on the street.

Then we talk about our Hotlanta Segway tour.

Also, The Eagle and Tiger Balm finally find a firework store, and go on a shopping spree.

Eric continues to go through stand-up material that Tiger Balm isn't impressed with.

Eric and Emily argue about the car being overly packed with Emily's stuff.

They talk about their displeasure for rubberneckers.

Mama Love makes her first appearance on the show. This is when Tiger Balm's manipulative side came out. Tiger Balm started a string of lies, breaking trust between the family. Luckily The Eagle swooped in to mend the fences between the arguing women.

Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)