Ep 13 - Houston, TX


Tiger Balm starts the show, not wanting to record. Eric then employed a Hollywood manager catch-phrases to psyche Tiger Balm up for recording. He calls her his, Beautiful Golden Pony, Gitter Angel, ect. All in an effort to boost her spirits. However, Tiger Balm isn't impressed, she just thinks it's creepy.

We then Chat traffic, and give the audience a little taste of Houston. As we have an actual face-to-face encounter with FiFi for a Vietnamese dinner.

Also, Highway Diary gets pulled over, or did we?

The epic roman candle fight, complete with pizza box shields. And our search for fireworks.

Tiger Balm and The Eagle talk Halliburton Fracking.

Eric talks about getting into an awful toilet in Texas, with a glory hole.

We talk about Bill Schnoebelen's claims about fucking a demon to attain a high level occult degree in the Illuminati.



Tiger Balm and The Eagle talk about manipulative cancer charities.

Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)