Ep 10 - Sedona AZ


The Eagle and Tiger Balm have just left Sedona AZ. They went on a hike. Got a massage. Bought some healing crystals. Had Tiger Balm had her Aura photographed, and the Eagle saw a New Age psychic.

They stay at the Sky Lodge in Sedona AZ, which has just an incredible "rim view."

Eric and Emily talk about their mutual hatred for deserts. Emily talks burning man.

Emily & Eric talk about their trip at the Center for the New Age.

Eric has a seizure at Circus de Soleil on an edible.

What's a Fifi?

News story about cell phones causing impotence.

Eric also threatens to pee in a bottle, which causes Emily to have a horrible flashback from childhood.

Eric stinks up the car with kombucha tea.

Also, cliffhanger. Will Tiger Balm pee herself? Listen to find out!

Theme song: Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz) - Single (Mackemore & Ryan Lewis)