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February 18, 2020  

Highway Diary w/ Eric Hollerbach Ep 245 - Ole Dammegard

Ole Dammegard joins the Highway Diary podcast. Ole is the curator of www.LightOnConspiracies.com, and we talk about the cabal behind false-flag events around the world. We talk about the symbolism they use, the companies involved, and the motives behind the terror-inducing events Crisis Solutions LTD produces.

The persistence of shoes & bicycles as symbols in media photographs of massacres.

We talk about the IMF's brainwashed CEO Christine Lagarde, and her bizarre occult speech. We touch on The Las Vegas Massacre, Kobe Bryant's death, which was predicted with perfect hermetic timing on November 16, 2016, the episode of Legends of Chamberlain Heights titled “End of Days”






February 10, 2020  

Highway Diary w/ Eric Hollerbach Ep 244 - LeMaire Lee

The Highway Diary podcast travels to Philadelphia's forgotten district, Manayunk, to visit LeMaire Lee at the Grape Room.

LeMaire talks about leaving the social media company, living in Lancaster, PA, and the girl who's pancreas broke his heart.








February 4, 2020  

Highway Diary w/ Eric Hollerbach Ep 243 - Benjamin Fulford

Benjamin Fulford joins the Highway Diary podcast for the third time to talk about leaving Forbes. We talk about Stephen Colbert's disingenuous call-out of Fulford during his departure.

Also, Adam Schiff's possible involvement in the Anthony Bourdain murder.  And how the Illuminati admit what they do before they do it.

On the subject of the Illuminati also talk about Leo Zagami's version of Ben's visit to Italy, and his attempt to murder Benjamin. 




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February 3, 2020  

Highway Diary w/ Eric Hollerbach Ep 242 - Angela Sharp

Angela Sharp joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about her struggles with BiPolar disorder, and alcohol. She gives an inside scoop into drug rehab and past traumas.

In an unusually revealing episode, she gets me to open up about issues with my parents.