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August 26, 2019  

Highway Diary w/ Eric Hollerbach Ep 226 - Richard Dweck

Highway Diary welcomes the most underrated comedian in NJ, Richard Dweck. He's a treasure, a genius, and he broke through the matrix into a schizophrenic episode.





August 20, 2019  

Highway Diary w/ Eric Hollerbach Ep 225 - Franco Danger

Franco Danger joins the podcast to talk about Chinese food, his family, and the time he left the car-lot.






August 13, 2019  

Highway Diary Ep 224 - ALEX

Code Name: ALEX joins the Highway Diary podcast, from behind the confines of a non-disclosure. This Airforce Vet has seen the system from the inside.




August 6, 2019  

Highway Diary Ep 223 - Collin Armstrong

Collin Armstrong joins the Highway Diary podcast before his senior year at Rutgers, talking about being a comedian through his clinical depression diagnosis.