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June 18, 2019  

Highway Diary Ep 217 - Tyler Langlois

Tyler Langlois joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk.


We talk therapy, dark secrets, suicide, and Utah.



June 11, 2019  

Highway Diary Ep 216 - Tom Zappia

Highway Diary podcast runs into local NJ icon, Tom Zappia from the Keep it Basement podcast. 

We talk about comedy, girls, and how to parlay internet fame into a career.





June 4, 2019  

Highway Diary Ep 215 - Benjamin Fulford

Benjamin Fulford, is the former Asia Pacific Bureau Chief of Forbes Magazine. He followed the Illuminati trail in the Vatican, and was poisoned by smoke from a cigar was huffed into his face by a real-bad-guy. Benjamin Fulford is a shining symbol to integrity in Journalism.

We talk about his leaving Forbes Magazine, Kevin Annett, Alfred Webre, Lauren Moret, George HW Bush being killed and cloned, and many other things.