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July 31, 2018  

Highway Diary Ep 201 - James Robert Wright

James Robert Wright joins the Highway Diary podcast to set the record straight. His cousin is a Meth Head and his other relatives may not be killing each other for inheretence. 




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From Transilvania to Tunbridge Wells

July 24, 2018  

Highway Diary Ep 200 - Brett Smith

Highway Diary catches up with Brett Smith, the director of Hypothesis.  Hypothesis Film

We talk about Trump, 9/11, why Dwane "The Rock" is a sellout, and the MGM suing the shooting victims of the 2017 Harvest Festival. 







July 10, 2018  

Highway Diary Ep 199 - Joseph P Larkin

Joseph P. Larkin joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about being a professional troll.