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May 22, 2018  

Highway Diary Ep 197 - Christopher Pouppirt

Christopher Pouppirt joins the Highway Diary podcast to discuss the revolving door of Presidents and creepy Politicians reading the same script on Syria. 

See me VS Brian McDaniel

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May 7, 2018  

Highway Diary Ep 196 - Grabbing The Ring

In this episode, I pay tribute to my comedy heroes Dave Attell & Norm MacDonald. I study their work as I gear up to film my first 3 comedy specials. 

After this, I call James Robert Wright to get an update on his ongoing situation battling the Illuminati in Dallas. Members of the Illuminati murdered Sherry Ruthford (Miaden name Milam) and took over her house. From this house, the purpetrators assumed possession of the house to run drugs and prostitutes.

Debrah controls the Dallas Police from a MooMoo and a landline at the house she stole from Sherry after her murder.

I call the FBI about this case. Then we talk to James again.