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November 25, 2017  

Highway Diary Ep 184 - Edward E Romero

My good friend, Edward E Romero joins the Highway Diary podcast for the 2nd time. He's the director of the cult-hit Butterfly (2010), and the writer of of Ashses (2010), and his new film Ribbons (2017) which has recently found distribution. 

Edward is also the lead vocals and guitar of the indy rockband, Jeds Dead, which has a new album dropping, "in the next few months."

We talk about conspiracy theories, Pizzagate, Santa Ana Fires, and 9/11. 


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November 10, 2017  

Highway Diary Ep 183 - James Robert Wright

We catch back up with James Robert Wright at a secret mansion in the hills past Calabasas, CA. 

James talks about his revolution inside the Freemasonic Lodges, and Eric talks about his past ex-girlfriends. 






November 4, 2017  

Highway Diary Ep 182 - Dan Nolan & Mohammed

Dan Nolan Joins the podcast. Also Mohammed from Dubai. 

Dan Nolan talks about homelessness, heroine addiction, Roast Battle, Kill Tony, and his multiple stints in rehab. 

I then talk to Mohammed from Dubai, to get an update on his wife from Columbia.