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October 26, 2016  

Highway Diary Ep 156 - Xander Forrest

Xander Forrest joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about some heavy shit. 

October 20, 2016  

Highway Diary Ep 155 - Kyron Hargrove

Kyron Hargrove joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about the lessons he learned from Stand-Up master, Michael Winslow (Police Academy). 
We learn about Kyron's 4-wheeler accident, and Eric goes a little Jersey on some drunk dude at Lucky's. 


October 19, 2016  

Ep 154 - Byron Broussard

Byron Broussard joins the podcast to read Tarot cards, and talk about secret societies and racist politics. 



October 17, 2016  

Highway Diary Ep 153 - Kelly Stone

Kelly Stone joins the podcast to talk about being a professor, comedian, mom, and the time she was in Facebook jail. 

October 10, 2016  

Ep 152 - Mohammed From Dubai

Join Eric and Mohammed as we struggle to find sexy ladies at the Ace Hotel's rooftop pool in New Orleans. 



October 4, 2016  

Highway Diary Ep 151 - DC Paul

DC Paul joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about Young Funny. Getting banned from open mics in New Orleans. We're joined by Jon Reaux and DC's dad. 

We also talk about Joe Biden, and argue about him being a creep!