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March 24, 2015  

Highway Diary Ep 111 - Thomas Jones (FEAT) Jackie Jenkins Jr

Jackie Jenkins Jr. Introduces this podcast angry about "Extra Mothafucka's" AKA Hobby comics that expect the best stand-up spots, but only do comedy once every 6 months. 

Thomas Jones visits the Highway Diary podcast to talk about his time as the joke theif pariah, and his redemption back to the good graces of the comedy scene. We talk about the metaphysics of comedy, and how it helps people deal with pain. 

March 17, 2015  

Highway Diary Ep 110 - Byron Broussard

Byron Broussard joins the Highway Diary podcast from the open mic at the All Ways lounge. We have a great talk about Byron's comedy, and the comedy scene in New Orleans. 

We also talk about Byron's job at a group home, his sexuality, and his interest in conspiracies. 

March 10, 2015  

Highway Diary Ep 109 - Jackie Jenkins Jr.

Omid Ezekiel Ramak "EZ" opens the show. I officially apologize to Jeff McCormick, who I found out is very upset with me over a previous podcast. I talk about how excited I am about the Andrew D. Basiago episode. 

Afterward, Jackie Jenkins Jr. comes onto the podcast to talk about his comedy career and running the open mic at the La Nuit comedy theater. We record in the greenroom over the course of a weekend of shows there. Comedians, and other interesting characters pop in as well. 

Join the party. 

March 3, 2015  

Highway Diary Ep 108 - Andrew D. Basiago

DARPA time traveler Andrew D. Basiago joins the Highway Diary podcast for a mind-expanding conversation. He describes traveling through time, and teleporting to Mars with Barry Soetoro AKA. Barack Obama. 

We set the record straight about the rift between Andy and longtime friend, Alfred Webre. (You might remember Alfred from Highway Diary Ep. 102) 

We end the podcast talking about Andy’s 2016 presidential campaign.