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October 28, 2014  

Highway Diary Ep 92 - Anthony Scontrino

Local New Orleans comic Anthony Scontrino joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about his time in college. We read some of his funny tweets. We talk social anxiety, and finding salvation in stand-up. 

We talk about struggling against the odds to pursue our crazy dreams. 


October 21, 2014  

Highway Diary Ep 91 - Kev Kevin Annett Pt II

Rev. Kevin Annett joins us for the 2nd time. We talk about ongoing investigations into crimes against humanity by the Catholic Church. We talk about Jimmy Savile, and the scandal at the BBC. We talk about Europol's arrest of 1027 criminals, who have been helping the Vatican traffic children. The testimony of Anne Marie van Blijenburgh, who was very good friends with Queen Elizabeth, who now talks about ritual abuse. Crazy episode.