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July 22, 2014  

Ep 88 - Anthony Guerino

Actor, and Comedian Anthony Guerino joins the Highway Diary podcast. He has been recently haunted by residual nightmares of having the perfect golf swing. 

We talk about Giraffes fucking, apes fucking. Eric gives a silver update. 

We talk dice setting, and giraffe sex. 

July 17, 2014  

Ep 87 - Jason Van Glass

We talk about Jason’s parents house in Hawaii. And the exact moment when Jason decided to devote his life to comedy. 

Jason talks about his obsession with the 1987 National Crystal Light National Aerobics Championship hosted by Allan Thicke. 

Jason has single handedly raised the price of the graphic novel, “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac,” he’s hoarding 40 copies. 

Comic books and other fun stuff. 

July 11, 2014  

Ep 86 - Stephen Ji

Eric is clearly still disturbed from witnessing a Frog Baby. 

We sing some songs. One song about an alien probe that gives you knowledge. Another about suing the Pope. 

Owner of the twin towers Larry Silverstein, fights litigation to get a double payout for the double terrorist attack on 9/11. 

We talk about the films:
The Internet's Own Boy

I also play a cryptic occult speech given by the president of the IMF. Also, some Anonymous insiders with weird information relating to the date 7/20. Particularly an explosive rise in the price of silver starting at that time. Who knows, but the speech that the President of the IMF is really creepy and superstitious. 

Finally, more quotes from my favorite person on the internet Andrew Basiago. 

July 1, 2014  

Ep 85 - Jay Light

LA Comedian and Screenwriter Jay Light joins the Highway Diary podcast. 

We learn about the history of Jay’s name. 

We talk about the Roast Battle at the Comedy Store, and the special treatment of the doorman mafia. 

Jay Light’s Explain Yourself podcast. And him starting out as a comedian. 

How he broke up 6 months into a year long lease. And has been living with his ex girlfriend. 

Plus... alien shit.