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April 17, 2014  

Ep 76 - Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones joins the Highway Diary podcast for the third time. Just a few days before recording his first hour-long special. 

I may have gotten Quincy a little too high before the interview. We had a great chat about the documentary web series, "Behind the Lens" that shows Quincy performing 1,000 sets in a year. 

We talk about ladies, Elk meat, and Mel Gibson. Fun episode! 

Check out Quincy's live recording 4/26/2014 8:30pm @ Bob's Espresso Bar
5251 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601



April 15, 2014  

Ep 75 - Andrew Duvall

Canadian Star Trek nerd and comedian Andrew Duvall joins the Highway Diary podcast. 

We talk Mayor Rob Ford, and how the city runs without him. 

We talk about the web series, “The Apartment.” And Andrew’s appearance on the SiFi reality show called, Fangasm

Also, the time Andrew met Stan Lee. 




April 8, 2014  

Ep 74 - Steve Saunders

Comedian / Actor Steve Saunders joins the Highway Diary Podcast. On location in the downtown thai to watch fights in Los Angeles. 

We talk about meeting at the improv collective, “Monkey Butler” and 1/2 the class quitting, because of my ruthless notes. 

How before the fights the buddhist monk tent was full of people. But when the fights started the Monk tent was empty when the fights started. 


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April 4, 2014  

Ep 73 - Heidi Lux

Comedian Heidi Lux joins the Highway Diary podcast. 

She talks about her internal love affair for prince Harry. Eric is annoyed with the royal family. 

The modern co-ed bathroom at the Youtube studios, leave everyone uncomfortable. 

We talk about Heidi’s alter-ego Trishna, and how she aspires to have a billboard.


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My Plug! 

Here Comes Godot

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