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October 29, 2013  

Ep 51 - Jake Davis

LA Comedian Jake Davis joins the Highway Diary. 

The podcast starts by Jake and Eric confessing times in their lives that they thought they had magic powers as teenagers. 

Then there's a lengthy talk about Christianity, and how the bible was made. 

Eric swam with Dolphins, and a debate starts about dolphin tricks at sea world.  

We talk about how they'll never release Call of Duty 12 - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Really funny and offensive show! 



October 22, 2013  

Ep 50 - David Cope

Last Comic Standing contestant David Cope joins the Highway Diary podcast. We talk about his time on that show. His grind as a comedian. We play some clips of his stand-up. 

David talks about marrying out of his financial class. 

David's parents love his fiancé so much, that they sent him a 5' X 10' blanket in the mail with their picture sewn into it. He brought it to Power Violence, I play a clip of that show. 

David talks about his college renaissance faze, where he learned how to play the harp. 

David talks about moving around, Portland to Seattle, to NYC, to LA checking out the different comedy scenes as he was developing as a comedian. During that time Stand-up was a religion to him. 



October 15, 2013  

Ep 49 - Rivers Langley

We start the podcast talking about growing up on youtube. We play some clips of Rivers at 12 making sketches with friends. 

We talk about our mutual love of Ron Funches. 

We chat about River's Goods from the Woods podcast. River's Wrestling-inspired sketches. 

This has a lot of stand-up, and clips. Fun show!! 



October 8, 2013  

Ep 48 - Shaun Lewin

Host of the Self Indulgent Podcast, Shaun Lewin joins Highway Diary.  Eric talks about a homophobic black guy during his latest show. 

Eric talks about getting beat in Muay Thai. Shaun opens up about his upbringing. 

Shaun hates responsibility. 

We talk about balancing our girlfriends with comedy. Conspiracy's. Scientology. Fun episode. 



October 1, 2013  

Ep 47 - Richie the C

Infamous comedian and Liquid Zoo & Tribal Cafe regular, Richie TheC drops by the Highway Diary Podcast. 

We talk about everything from a creepy clown in England, to the HSBC drug money. 

Hear some stand-up and a great chat.